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Transformative Positive Psychology and Constructive Change by Dr. Erik M. Gregory, PhD 

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Constructive Change 

The power of positive psychotherapy services are here and at your disposal with the help of Dr. Erik M. Gregory, PhD.

Successful Change

Access leadership strategies with the potential to turn your leadership from average into exceptional, supporting you through adaptive change. 

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Who I Am 

Serving Boston, Massachusetts, and clients nationally and internationally, Dr. Erik M. Gregory, PhD specializes in positive psychology, a field that examines healthy human functioning such as courage, hope, optimism, and happiness. His mission is to support individuals as well as leaders to adjust to the 21st century rapid social, organizational, and political climate.  His work is based on empirical evidence and practical experience.

For individuals this means looking beneath the surface and understand underlying challenges and then to move towards constructive change.

For change agents, It means engaging followers who want to be informed, invited, and inspired by their leaders.  He works with leaders to enhance their creative and critical abilities as well as their health and well-being, and "attunes" them to help them thrive.

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